A website for everyone

Our Company aim is that every person regardless of age, visual/audio/physical impairment or level of equipment (use of unconventional technologies) can surf our site without difficulty. That is why we have implemented a series of technical features to make reading and surfing easy and simple.

The development of our web pages is based on content accessibility rules for web 2.0 established by the W3C (World Wide Web consortium).

Among the most important advantages to visitors of any of ours web sites are the following:

  • Shorter download times for web sites.
  • The text size can be adjusted by the user from the browser menus (options).
  • The context has been structured thinking of users that use screen readers, have disabled the Style Sheets or use browsers that dont support them to make surfing and understanding the site as simple as possible. Also, the contents have been optimized to be displayed perfectly by any browser.